At the Teacher Parent informal meeting

yesterday, all the parents turned up with their children and we brought food along to the school as it was a pot luck event.  It was an opportunity for the parents and teachers to meet up together for an informal gathering where we can find out who our children mixes with, their parents and also talk to the teachers about the progress of our children in school.

Teacher version of Cepheus in school :
1. Like an Angel
2. Very helpful to friends
3. Never snatch toys and always share toys with friends
4. Independent, feed himself, do not cry to be carried..

Mother version of Cepheus at home :
1. Like a monster
2. Always mess up things at home
3. Always snatch mommy's iPhone..
4. Always cry to be carried at home.. always want daddy or mommy to be around him..

haha what a contrast.  Nonetheless, Mommy is very proud to hear from the teacher that Cepheus is probably the best in his class in terms of flash card activities, he's got a good memory and always get rewards from the teachers.  Now i knew where he got all the stickers and stamps and 'stars' on his hands from.. hehe.. 

We also feels that Cepheus can be quite 'bo xim' in school, he doesnt tend to call out to his friends or call out their names, whereas they will always call out his name loud and clear.  Whenever we ask who it was, he will just say hi to the person and then walk away.. hmm not sure why he is so 'dao' but hope that he can kick this bad habit of his.  Anyway, as per the teacher, Cepheus is quite popular and is very sociable in school, he plays with everyone and doesn't stick to anyone in particular.

The event is very good and we spent time mingling with the teachers and other parents in school, get to see his classmates and see how they play with ea other.  The event will be held once every school term and we will get together again in July!  Looking fwd to it!

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