Tiring Saturday...

As dar's cesarean wound has an infection, she is taking a good rest today. Hence Cepheus primary caregiver today is me and my mother. He started going cranky again, refuse to sleep and wakes up 30 mins or so and cried really loud. Can't seem to pacify him with patting, carrying or cuddling till we feed him. Seem like Cepheus is going through a "growth spurt" whereby he need to feed more often than usual. He is fussier too. Hopefully the "growth spurt" is a short one. Having to feed him every 2 hours is no fun, especially late at night.

I better go to bed now. I have been patting, carrying and feeding Cepheus for the whole day.

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Welcome to the club.

If you think one is tough, wait till you try 2 at the same time. 8-)

Hi Wai Meng,

Thanks for dropping by. So I guess you have 2 kids now?

Ya, I got twins.
Born a few days earlier than Cepheus so you can imagine we do double of what you do. 8-)

Wow! I guess it must be really tough on both of you then. Anyone helping out like your MIL or your mum?

btw Wai Meng, any pix of your lovely twins or do you have a blog/website that I can visit?

Hi, I have a facebook account where I have posted some of their photos. 8-)


Not sure what's wrong but seems like I'm not able to see your profile. Please add me on facebook ;) my facebook URL is

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