It was a long day for me too

The below is a recap of today's happening

  • Reach NUH at about 7.15am
  • Wait
  • Dar went into Operating Theatre at about 9.15am
  • Wait somemore
  • Nurse informed C-sec was done and dar is resting at about 11am
  • Went to NeoNatal ICU to look for my son after receiving cord blood at about 11.15am
  • Went to Patient Care Center to do admission paper work for my son at about 11.30am
  • Nurse informed they are sending dar to her ward at about 12pm
  • Dar reached ward at about 12.30pm
  • Accompany dar till 2pm
  • Went back to NeoNatal ICU to hand over admission paper
  • Reach home about 2.20pm
  • Backup dar's blog from
  • Restore dar's blog to
  • Set up Cepheus' photo journal
  • Called April and talk
  • Went to buy lunch.
  • Had lunch at about 3.30pm
  • is completed
  • Went back to NUH with longan red dates drink at about 4.30pm
  • Bought flowers and visit dar at about 5pm
  • Accompany dar till 7.45pm
  • Went to granny place to show her the picture of her greatgrandson
  • Reach home about 10.45pm
  • Upload Cepheus' pictures to facebook
  • Posting this entry

Long day huh? I'm dead beat!

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