4 days away from my precious

babies and i am missing them like mad already.  On top of that, i am so 'lucky' to contract cold rash on top of my already worsened ezcema.. my skin is broken and painful from the weather.

Well, but here are my adventures of the week..

1. held up by USA immigration at the customs check out point, 30 min delay, until i finally proved the purpose of my trip 

2. first time driving an SUV (6 seater), Mazda 5, and driving at a minimum of 100km/h on the freeway

3. Got lost but finally still managed to be back to the hotel all thanks to NeverLost (GPS)

4. Drove to Gilroy and packed my luggage full with purchases but none for myself (oops, oh yes a coach scarf.. :)

5. Contracted bad cold rash on top of my ezcema which made it really really bad..

6. Deserted my team and went alone in search of my favourite KFC with my best friend, the GPS ;)

7. What's next?


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