We used to go HPV during our childhood days.. but times have changed and HPV becomes so empty now, you can only see a few people walking around here and there, most are old people reminiscing on the old times.. its a hot day when we visited and really nothing much to see, the excitement are also gone seeing the villa so empty..

At Haw Par Villa

The weather is so hot that Cepheus just stuck to the pram and refuse to walk..

taken at Ashton's first birthday :)

Play Time

Seeing them having fun together is such a blessing.. hope they stayed this way together

Cepheus giving a cheeky face whilst sharing an ice cream with Mommy at ikea

Calyce and Cepheus sharing a ride at vivo, Cepheus is all so excited and snatch the steering wheel, all in control... haha..Calyce just stared on..

mini celebration

Mini celebration at home with Calyce

With papa

Cepheus with papa and his balloons

The balloons are driving the children crazy at the childcare centre and of cos includes Cepheus too!

Happy 3 year old my darling!