RIP Steve Jobs



Thank you for i"everything" and the disruptive innovations that you have brought into our life, changed how we use mobile devices and computers. A very very sad day for geeks, Apple fans and techies. Never knew I can be so sad over the death of someone I don't even know personally. A pity my kids are too young to really experience the joy of using products sprinkled with his brilliance, even though Cepheus plays with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro on daily basis. I guess I am lucky that I had live some of my life in his time and greatness. My wife is even luckier to work under his great leadership in Apple. I doubt we can easily find someone to fill the void brought by his death. RIP Steve, you will be missed by millions and your legacy, innovations and brilliance will impact the life of many and you will definately be the source of inspiration for many in the future generations to come... 



Cepheus is sick

My poor baby has been coughing with a lot of phlegm since Saturday and it became worse on Sunday. We brought him to the doc earlier on Monday evening and was prescribe 4 types of medication. As usual, he refuse to eat his medicine and we have to force him to eat. It really pains me to see him coughing so badly, so bad that he refuse to eat his meals. 

He is also getting cheeky at times, refusing to follow instructions and run off by himself and will scream and struggle if we forcefully carry him off. He is also getting sticky to me and his mom. Whenever one of us is out of sight, he will keep calling "Pa Pa" or "Ma Ma" loudly. I am trying very hard not to loose my cool as it really seems so tempting at times to give him a good spanking Tongue out

I know it was a long while since my last post. I was kinda busy with work and also lost the momentum to blog as Cepheus turn really sticky and suck every ounce of energy out of us. Anyway, I have set up another blog at for personal blogging and will remain as my family blog. This means all future family related entries will be posted here while the rest will go to I have also set up a simple photo gallery over at *accessible by clicking SNIPPETS OF LIFE on the menu bar* for my photography interest.

Anyway, I have decided to give up as the free DNS is always giving me problems. I will be migrating all posts from there to here as soon as I can. I hope I can start blogging regulary again.

Well, Christmas was early for me this year. Dar generously bought me a spanking new Panasonic GF1 with dual lenses kit and I upgraded my dry cabinet from the only analog 40L to a new fully digital 80L. I have always wanted to buy a better camera that is capable of taking acceptable low light pictures. A compact with interchangeable lenses. I was considering the Olympus EP-1 or the Panny GF1. I guess the slow focusing and make in China EP-1 made me go for the Panny GF1 instead. Thanks dar for the wonderful gift. I will probably post a review sometime later.

Cepheus swimming solo

Brought Cepheus to Safra for a swim again. 

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