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Cepheus swimming solo

Brought Cepheus to Safra for a swim again. 

Mummy was the swimming instructor for the day. The children pool @SafraMountFaber happened to be quite empty. Took a while before Cepheus got comfortable in the water. Not a bad trip at all

Blur like sotong!

We brought Cepheus to Harbourfront for his "first swim" this afternoon. I think he doesn't really like it and cried after a while. Maybe it's due to the small swimming tub or he is uncomfortable with a float around his neck. Anyway, after Cepheus "swim" I try to let him have a short nap and requested Dar to bring me his pacifier. Guess what? Dar brought the pacifier and while looking at Cepheus, she was putting the pacifier very near my mouth as if she was trying to let me suckle on it. She was holding on to that position till I asked her what does she thinks she is doing. My mom saw the whole scene and she burst out laughing at Dar. Yup! That's my wife, blur like sotong! Hahaha..


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