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Ivan is back in SG for a short 2 weeks visit. We had our 20th years anniversary dinner at Merchant Court Hotel on Perry. 

Picture taken after dinner. Left -> Right: Ivan, Edmund, Me and Perry

They say a good friend is hard to find, well, I must be darn lucky as I have 3 good buddies, Ivan, Edmund and Perry for the past 20 years. Met the 3 of them during 1989 when I was studying in Henderson Secondary School. These 3 guys have been my closest friends since then. Although we have now all grown up, have our own family, careers, way of life and we don't get to meet up as often as before, I'm very happy to say that we still have a strong bond between us.

Ivan, Edmund, Me and Perry
Above is a picture of us taken 10 years ago during our 10th Anniversary dinner. We are now waiting for Ivan to come back from Australia to take our 20th Anniversary picture.

These 3 are not only the close friends that I have. In our circle of close buddies, we have another 20 years friend, Anthony and more than 15 years friends, Bryan and Cedric. I must have done something right in my previous life to have so many close buddies and friends to grow old with. Thank you guys for being my friends. Laughing

Hadoken! Horyuken!

Bought a 8 button fight stick that works on PS2/PS3 and PC at the PC show. I have tried using it on my PC with nebula and it works great. I won't say that this fight stick is great but at the price of 50 dollars, I cannot expect too much. Now I can relive my teenage years whereby I go to the arcade with Bryan, Edmund and Ivan almost every weekend. Street fighter, the king of fighters, warrior of fate, Dungeon and Dragons etc etc... HERE I COME! w00t!





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