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Well, Christmas was early for me this year. Dar generously bought me a spanking new Panasonic GF1 with dual lenses kit and I upgraded my dry cabinet from the only analog 40L to a new fully digital 80L. I have always wanted to buy a better camera that is capable of taking acceptable low light pictures. A compact with interchangeable lenses. I was considering the Olympus EP-1 or the Panny GF1. I guess the slow focusing and make in China EP-1 made me go for the Panny GF1 instead. Thanks dar for the wonderful gift. I will probably post a review sometime later.

Mummy was the swimming instructor for the day. The children pool @SafraMountFaber happened to be quite empty. Took a while before Cepheus got comfortable in the water. Not a bad trip at all

Blur like sotong!

We brought Cepheus to Harbourfront for his "first swim" this afternoon. I think he doesn't really like it and cried after a while. Maybe it's due to the small swimming tub or he is uncomfortable with a float around his neck. Anyway, after Cepheus "swim" I try to let him have a short nap and requested Dar to bring me his pacifier. Guess what? Dar brought the pacifier and while looking at Cepheus, she was putting the pacifier very near my mouth as if she was trying to let me suckle on it. She was holding on to that position till I asked her what does she thinks she is doing. My mom saw the whole scene and she burst out laughing at Dar. Yup! That's my wife, blur like sotong! Hahaha..

Dar and iPhone 3GS

After visiting Rhys, me and dar went to Vivocity for a walkabout and dinner. There was a newly set up Singtel shop and we decided to go take a look. Dar managed to fondled with a iPhone 3GS she and is very impressed with the quality of it's camera, both still pictures and video and it's overall performance boost over iPhone 3G. When I asked her if she wanna upgrade, she say "yes" and nods her head in excitement without thinking. Sad to say, the iPhone 3GS is still currently out of stock in Singapore. We are now patiently waiting for Singtel to restock before both of us can bring a set home.

Visiting baby Rhys

Was on off today and went to Lilian's place together with April and dar. My nephew Rhys is so adorable making cute sounds and cute facial expressions. Kinda reminds me of Cepheus when he was just a few weeks old.

Me and my nephew Rhys
A picture of me carrying Rhys

My dar gave me the nickname of 人肉摇篮 a.k.a the human sarong as I have been rocking Cepheus to sleep whenever I was carrying him. It seems like our dear son is addicted to my gentle rocking and will go to sleep easily everytime I rock him but will wake up after I put him down on his cot. Dar is sort of blaming me for cultivating this bad habit. Dar also mentioned that our son likes to look at me. I think Cepheus recognise me as he will follow me with his eyes and cry when I'm out of his sight.

My arms, back and legs are aching with all that rocking and carrying. I think we better buy Cepheus a sarong to sleep in so that he can sleep much longer, have a round head and hopefully help to prevent him from constantly sleeping on the right side of his head.

Cepheus probably thinks that my arms are too small and was cranky over the weekends, he simply refused to sleep on his own and want to be carried. The moment you put him down on his cot, he will fuss after 5 mins. He started all this on Saturday afternoon when dar left for her dim sum lunch with her colleagues. During the 3 hrs plus while she was away, I was carrying him for more than 2 hours. To make things worse he woke up at about 4am on Sunday for milk and refused to sleep after that and want to be carry. I ask dar to rest at about 5am plus and I finally managed to put him to bed at about 7am. This I-don't-wanna-sleep-please-carry-me-or-I-will-cry lasted till Sunday night. What a nice father's day present for me from my dear Cepheus.

Cepheus also starts to "merlion" a lot of milk on Sunday. We were out having a dim sum lunch with my dad and April's family. Dar was feeding him at the restaurant and our dear son decided to vomit out almost half of his feed. We had planned to walk about and bring him for a hair cut that afternoon but had to call it off as his vomits landed all over dar. He vomited again twice today, once over our sofa, the other time all over the floor. At the rate he is going, our entire flat is gonna smell like dar's breast milk. Tongue out

Throughout the last weekends, I think I have carried Cepheus for more than 6 hours in total so who needs to go to the gym when you can "carry weight" at home.

Tiring Saturday...

As dar's cesarean wound has an infection, she is taking a good rest today. Hence Cepheus primary caregiver today is me and my mother. He started going cranky again, refuse to sleep and wakes up 30 mins or so and cried really loud. Can't seem to pacify him with patting, carrying or cuddling till we feed him. Seem like Cepheus is going through a "growth spurt" whereby he need to feed more often than usual. He is fussier too. Hopefully the "growth spurt" is a short one. Having to feed him every 2 hours is no fun, especially late at night.

I better go to bed now. I have been patting, carrying and feeding Cepheus for the whole day.

Lunar full month

Today is the Lunar calendar full month for Cepheus. 2 weeks has passed since he was discharge from NUH. It has been a tiring 2 weeks for both me and dar. Dar spent most of her time expressing breast milk and taking care of our son. I think she barely have enough sleep. For me, I can only help out during the nights till about 2am during work days. All I did was warm up the milk and pass it to either my mother or dar to feed. I managed to learn how to feed him all by myself a few days ago, so I guess I'm of abit of more help now. ;) Cepheus went to see the PD today for a routine checkup. He now weighs about 3.78kg as compared to 3.1kg when he was discharged. I hope the growth rate of 300grams per week is normal.

We brought Cepheus down to our neighbourhood for a little walk and bought 2 packets of sweet last night. According to Cantonese traditions, when a baby reaches his full month, we have to distribute sweets to others. This is to symbolised the forming of friendship between him and those who received his sweets. Sweets anybody??

I'm the man!

Finally managed to feed him all by myself this afternoon. Dar was busy expressing milk and my mother went to the market. Cepheus started his fussing and no amount of cooing or carrying can calm him down. There was some left over milk so i decided to feed him. It was actually pretty easy, the moment I put the teat in his mouth, he started to suckle. He drank up all the left over milk and cry for more. Luckily dar is in the midst of expressing milk and I requested her for some fresh milk to give it to our son. Cepheus must be hungry as he drank up every single drop or maybe freshly express breast milk taste better. I managed to burp him too. It was a loud one. Laughing. After all the feeding and burping, I managed to put him to bed after cooing and carrying him for a while. I feel so good about myself already.

Cepheus is doing well

Cepheus had a appointment with Prof Prabha at NUH this morning. They removed the dressing and did a quick check on him. The doctor say Cepheus is doing very well, the surgery cut is healing good and they didn't hear any whizzing sound from his trachea. There are still a fair bit of excess skins on the neck but Prof Prabha told us not to worry about that now, that can be corrected later. During this little "outing", Cepheus was very well behave. He didn't cry or fuss at all except when he was hungry.

Parenting ain't easy

It's been a week since Cepheus was discharge from NUH. Most of the time he was behaving himself well, sleeping quietly after drinking his milk. However, he does get cranky at times and kept crying. Last weekend, my mother was busy and we have to take care of him ourself on both Saturday and Sunday nights. We let him sleep inbetween us on our king size bed. He behave very well on Saturday night and slept quietly. However, he was cranky on Sunday night. He refuse to sleep and keep wanting attention from us. I have to keep patting him every now and then till about 6am in the morning. As a result, I had to take half day leave as I was simply exhausted.

As a father, I guess I still have a fair bit of stuff to learn. Till now, I have yet learn how to feed, change and bath him. I guess I better learn as soon as I can. Dar on the other hand, was surprisingly good with Cepheus for someone who have not handle any small kids before. I must say that I am very impressed by her. It was a tough week for her too, expressing milk every 3 hours and taking turns with my mother to take care of Cepheus.

It has began...

Sleepless night is what I meant. Cepheus woke up about 15 mins ago and cried for milk. I have to rush to warm up the milk and pass to my mom for feeding. Dar is sleeping soundly, I bet she didn't hear him cry at all. Thank goodness I'm a light sleeper and I usually stay up late. I think this is gonna be a tough 2 months for me, dar and my mom. I think i better go get some rest. Need to wake up at about 3.30am to warm up milk for my dear son again.

Went to Toa Payoh to "get" chinese name from a nice old lady recommended by April. The old lady said that our boy does not lack any of the elements. She gave us a few chinese characters to consider to use as chinese name for our boy. None caught dar's eyes except for 宇恒 Yu(3) Heng(2) which happens to be the very set of chinese character the nice old lady gave. I like this name pretty much too, gonna seek my grandma's and my dad's opinion. By the way, all April's kids have the word 宇 in their chinese name. If were we to pick this name, then all our kids will have a common middle chinese character, which may not be a bad thing.

Dar is feeling much better today. Guess the pain is not as bad as it was yesterday. She managed to get off the bed to visit the loo.  Didn't managed to take any nice pictures of Cepheus today as he was sleeping most of the time. Hopefully I can catch him when he is awake and take some more pictures.

The below is a recap of today's happening

  • Reach NUH at about 7.15am
  • Wait
  • Dar went into Operating Theatre at about 9.15am
  • Wait somemore
  • Nurse informed C-sec was done and dar is resting at about 11am
  • Went to NeoNatal ICU to look for my son after receiving cord blood at about 11.15am
  • Went to Patient Care Center to do admission paper work for my son at about 11.30am
  • Nurse informed they are sending dar to her ward at about 12pm
  • Dar reached ward at about 12.30pm
  • Accompany dar till 2pm
  • Went back to NeoNatal ICU to hand over admission paper
  • Reach home about 2.20pm
  • Backup dar's blog from
  • Restore dar's blog to
  • Set up Cepheus' photo journal
  • Called April and talk
  • Went to buy lunch.
  • Had lunch at about 3.30pm
  • is completed
  • Went back to NUH with longan red dates drink at about 4.30pm
  • Bought flowers and visit dar at about 5pm
  • Accompany dar till 7.45pm
  • Went to granny place to show her the picture of her greatgrandson
  • Reach home about 10.45pm
  • Upload Cepheus' pictures to facebook
  • Posting this entry

Long day huh? I'm dead beat!

Not because we are too excited over the fact that dar is giving birth soon but because she is having regular contractions and pain. She couldn't sleep and I dare not sleep. Waking up every now and then in pain for her and in anxiety for me. Worried that our son is too anxious to come to our world and worried that I will fumble and do not know what to do should dar go into labour before her scheduled C-sec operation. Just a few more hours son, just a few more hours...

7 more days

Exactly a week more and I will be able to cuddle my son in my arms. Should be meeting up with my mother tomorrow evening, after our gynae visit in the morning and cot mattress shopping in the afternoon, to settle the confinement food and to come out with a to-buy list for chinese herbs. Have to meet up with dar's friend, Patsy, later on after work to pick up some stuff from her. Dar went out with her for lunch yesterday and came back home with 3 more toys for our boy! Patsy gave birth to a baby boy not too long ago so I guess she have some spare baby stuff to pass on to us.

Oh boy! 7 more days. I'm soooo excited!! Laughing

8 more days

After waiting for more than 8 months, it's finally 8 more days to the birth of our son. There is still some stuff we need to buy e.g. cot mattress, pillows for my mom and etc. I have tons of work to clear too before I take 1 week away from work. This week is going to be a really busy week for both of us. Dar has started her maternity leaves. She must be busy enjoying herself now, waking up late and relaxing at home. Well, she deserve the rest now as things is going to be tough for her once our son is back home.


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