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They say a good friend is hard to find, well, I must be darn lucky as I have 3 good buddies, Ivan, Edmund and Perry for the past 20 years. Met the 3 of them during 1989 when I was studying in Henderson Secondary School. These 3 guys have been my closest friends since then. Although we have now all grown up, have our own family, careers, way of life and we don't get to meet up as often as before, I'm very happy to say that we still have a strong bond between us.

Ivan, Edmund, Me and Perry
Above is a picture of us taken 10 years ago during our 10th Anniversary dinner. We are now waiting for Ivan to come back from Australia to take our 20th Anniversary picture.

These 3 are not only the close friends that I have. In our circle of close buddies, we have another 20 years friend, Anthony and more than 15 years friends, Bryan and Cedric. I must have done something right in my previous life to have so many close buddies and friends to grow old with. Thank you guys for being my friends. Laughing

They got hitched this evening. I am being arrowed to be the photog for this event. I'm so happy for Cedric, he has always being single till he met Sara in Kazakh, maintained long distant relationship, brought Sara over and finally marrying her. Edmund and his wife, PeiQing attended his ROM ceremony too and as usual he is being arrowed to be the driver.

Welcome to married life Cedric! Hahaha... The fun has just began!

[ updates]

I spent about 2 nights and I have completed almost all the installation and customization needed except for migrating dar's blog from the old site. She is still blogging on that site. I can say that most of the work are done. I have done up 3 banners, index page and the about page for our site. Once I have migrated dar's blog, I will redirect all traffice going to to here.

I suspect dar caught glimpses of our new site as she asked me "what is this thing you are looking at on your PC for the past 2 days". I hope the cat stays in the bag as it is suppose to be a surprise. It's not easy to do stuff behind her back, not when she's walking in and out of our study room.

[/ updates]

Edmund, Perry, Cedric and his wife to be, Sara popped by my place this afternoon to play with my Wii-Wii Tongue out. The reason Perry gave was that this is suppose to be the last time they are able to come to my place to play games as our son is due in less than 10 days. I think dar's colleagues share the same thoughts too as they came over last friday for a overnight mahjong session citing that they will not be able to do so after our son is born.

Well I must say that it's partially true. We are converting our spare room into our baby's room which means there isn't any space/room left for a mahjong table. Actually I think the mahjong table can fit inside my study room, so it's still possible for mahjong sessions at my place. I guess my buddies can still come over for Wii games as long as they don't make too much noise.

Let's see how things goes. Hopefully our friends and families can still come over for gatherings, mahjong and gaming sessions.

Well, it's for Cedric and Sara this time round. Received a call from Cedric this afternoon and he informed me that he will be tying the knot with his Kazak girlfriend, Sara on 16th May 2009! Congrats!! However I will be attending his ROM alone as by then, dar would have given birth and will be on her confinement.

Cedric also requested me to help him out with photographing of his ROM ceremony. That have to depends on the condition of his DSLR as I no longer own any.


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